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Engaging the Indianapolis Community in City-Building

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The Annual We Are City Summit in Indianapolis, IN is a celebration of people, organizations and projects that exemplify smart, unique, and bold city-building. Local, regional and national presenters took part in this day-long summit, sharing their work, ideas, and passions with over 100 participants.

The We Are City Summit is an effort to build a consensus around a variety of topics, to form a shared narrative of people’s values and visions for Indianapolis. The collective mantra for the event was: “To propel us forward through an analysis of our past, an acknowledgment of our present, and a hope for our future.” Collabo helped the summit organizers to not only develop the pieces of communication that would contribute to the look, feel and experience of the event, but also to develop engaging tools for participant engagement, and then collect and synthesize their feedback.

We developed a platform for engagement that allowed participants to respond to prompts such as: What can we do with the data that we collect about our city? What are some ways we can use Science, Music and/or Design to advance our city? How might we use data about Indianapolis to better individuals, neighborhoods, and our city as a whole? The participant’s answers to these questions were then placed within a framework to help define their ideas and suggestions as something that would be either a “Baseline” need, a “Distinct” characteristic, or something “Exceptional” for the city of Indianapolis.