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Re-Designing the Daily Situational Awareness Brief

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MESH is a non-profit, public-private partnership that enables healthcare providers to effectively respond to emergency events and remain viable through recovery.

While MESH provides a plethora of services, including preparedness and planning services; innovative clinical education and training programs; healthcare intelligence services and sophisticated legal, regulatory, policy and financial analysis, they also offer the “Daily Situational Awareness Brief (DSAB). This daily digest highlights important news, research, and practice developments in healthcare sector emergency management as well as MESH publications and events, and has become a vital part of the everyday rituals of people in healthcare and emergency management.

After several years however, MESH determined that the production process was becoming taxing, the distribution process was in need of an overhaul, and the experience of receiving and viewing the “brief” needed to be better.

This is where Collabo came in. We offered MESH an engaging, participatory process that included: re-examining current goals and audience needs; exploring and defining content, look and feel; envisioning, prototyping and evaluating distribution venues, devices and processes; and developing and managing an action plan for implementation.

A key component of this project, was the emphasis on working with people. By engaging people throughout the design process, Collabo was able to determine what the real issues and needs were. From working with MESH’s staff, to those who receive and use the brief in their daily lives, to the graphic design team who would give the brief an entirely new look and feel—Collabo brought all of the most important stakeholders to the table to envision, ideate, prototype, and evaluate throughout the process.