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DORIS, LLC is “A Design Thinking and Workplace Research Organization,” focusing their work in three main areas within the workplace: Researching, Reframing, and Resolving.

For this startup organization to get off the ground running, they not only needed an identity system that communicated their blending of intellect and quirky playfulness, but also an internal and external communication strategy that would enable them to work efficiently with their partner firm, RJE, as well as their growing client base.

Together with DORIS’S partner RJE, we developed a dynamic identity system that can be utilized across multiple formats and media, and a holistic communication strategy to carry out their messaging and goals, for both internal and external relationships and interactions.

In the beginning, DORIS was in need of an initial identity system, which included a simple logo, business card, letterhead, and style guide, as well as a temporary website. Once these items were complete, it was time to move on to developing a comprehensive external communication strategy that would define DORIS’s vision, mission, philosophy and values, their look, feel and presence, their multiple audiences and interactions— including communication channels, devices and relationships–and their short- and long-term goals for their organization. In addition, there was a need to help develop an internal communication strategy between DORIS and their partner, RJE, which was done in tandem with the development of the overall external communication strategy.

Bringing us in to help accomplish these goals meant carrying out a participatory and engaging process that would help DORIS to develop their overall identity and presence, modes of communication, and strategy for external relationships and interactions. This process included working with DORIS and RJE’s sales team, to create the most appropriate and meaningful tools and engagements to see the process through to implementation. We held multiple participatory sessions with both the owners of DORIS, as well as key members of the RJE sales team. [Through the analysis and synthesis of the data collected we carried out testing and evaluation with multiple stakeholders throughout the process.]

The result was a dynamic brand and system of print-ready materials; a style guide for their new brand; a holistic Communication Blueprint and collection of maps, which visually represented all internal and external relationships and interactions; and a Content Document breaking down content needed for each device within their strategy.