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Pamela Napier 

Pamela is a co-founding Partner at Collabo Creative LLC, a human-centered design strategy firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana.With a BFA in Visual Communication Design, and an MFA focusing on Design Thinking and Design Leadership, Pamela also draws upon her professional experiences in visual communication design and advertising to develop visual tools, methods and processes for facilitating cross-disciplinary creative problem-solving within multiple contexts.

Pamela is also currently a Visual Communication Design professor at Herron School of Art and Design, where she teaches across both the graduate and undergraduate curricula. She has presented and deployed her research nationally and internationally, and has given presentations and facilitated workshops at design education conferences, events and universities.

Terri Wada

Terri is a co-founding partner at Collabo Creative LLC, a human-centered design firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Coming from a background in visual communication, Terri works directly with organizations, community members and diverse stakeholders to build cross-discipline collaboration and creative problem solving capacities through emphasis on design process and visual thinking.

In partnership with the Visual Communication department at Herron School of Art and Design, Terri lead the collaborative development of the first summer design school to be offered to high school students in Indianapolis. Prior to founding Collabo Creative, Terri practiced professionally in Honolulu, Hawaii as an independent design consultant focused on creating visual messages and systems for local organizations. In 2009, she moved to Indiana to complete her master’s in Visual Communication at Herron School of Art and Design, where her studies centered on Design Thinking and Creative Facilitation specifically for driving positive social change through community engagement.

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